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Your trusted petroleum. From your trusted supplier of petroleum products.

Oilco supplies fuel and lubricants through its depot network to commercial users and directly to the public through its retail sites.

Oilco is an entrusted Branded Distributor of Shell, allowing you to get Shell Oils and Petroleum products with piece of mind.

Oilco... providing petroleum progression today.

Latest News

Fill'er Up

Running low on time and fuel? Don’t worry, we take care of the small things.

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Shell LubeMatch

Shell LubeMatch is Shell’s most popular customer-facing technical service, with over 8 million hits in 2013. It can be accessed online at…

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Shell advances lubricants to improve fuel economy

In recent years, Shell established a Lubricants Discovery Hub consisting of a global multidisciplinary team of scientists who focus on innovation within…

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